A new day a new month

A new day a new month

Fall near Hamburg, PA






Fall is still in the air in our area and in PA where we just spent the last few days. The photo above is from PA. We enjoyed a getaway while things were a bit quiet here – before the rush of the holidays.

We are  back in the art studio today working on orders that have come in as well as creating new signs and decor.

The web site is taking shape, we just need to catch up with items in our shop, which will be taken care of very soon.

In the mean time you can find us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Winding-Road-Creations-1501419273506594/

Feel free to share our Facebook page as well as our web site!  Don’t forget to get those special orders in soon.

We hope you all had a safe and fun weekend with all the Trick or Treat little ones. Take time now to be thankful each day for the many blessings in your lives. We truly are blessed.

Til the next curve in the Winding Road….



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