New Shed Arrives

New Shed Arrives

It didn’t take us long in this new adventure to run out of room to work. All the wood, tools, equipment, products it takes to make our end product takes up a lot of space. So today we take delivery on a new shed. We will be taking pictures during that process to share with you.  We are looking forward to this expansion. It will be a while before we have it set up and stocked, but that is all part of ‘one step at a time.”

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Til the next curve in our Winding Road…



And here it is – next time !  Our shed was delivered on time. Watching the man set it up was amazing.

Our grandson, AJ was with us for the day and loved watching it all happen.

I showed him the window in the back (See where he is looking out across the field) and told him I wanted my work

area to be there.

He went to the window by the door and said he wanted his work space to be there so he could also paint some signs!

(We won’t be painting in there, but I guess now we need to set up a space for him to do craft work.)


So for now, we sit and figure out the lay out of what we will have inside and where.

Also plan on a sign or two — of course! 🙂


Til the next curve in the road….

AJ had to ask what David the delivery man a few questions while he worked setting the shed in place.


Winding Road Creations new work shed/shop.


Papaw (Bill) with AJ, resting after the set up.

AJ checking out the view from inside.

AJ checking out the view from inside.

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